January 7, 2013
Mercedes Benz declare the US as their main market Mercedes as a whole sold 1.3 million cars in 2012 which was a gain of 4.7pc against the previous year of sales. A figure of 274,134 sales in the United States meant that the US became the German luxury car manufacturers main market instead of its previous main market in the home of Germany.   Sales may be down in the home country of Germany as official data recently release has indicated a 3% drop in new car registrations compared to last year. Approximately 3.10 million cars were registered in 2012, which is down a ... - Read more
January 4, 2013
Car Sales rise 13.4 percent in the US   Industry figures have indicated a sales increase of 13.4% in 2012, making it the best year of sales in the industry since 2007. General Motors were at the top of the sales list, selling 2.5 million cars and trucks.     The Japanese car company Toyota, had recovered from the previous supply chain disruption in 2011 to take the second majority share in the market. Toyota sales rose a massive 27% and Honda issued a 24% increase.   Volkswagen did have the biggest leap in sales having increased 35%. The consistent ... - Read more
January 3, 2013
A woman from Halifax Nova Scotia, who used her small Smart Fortwo to squeeze in between two parked cars in metered parking spaces has had to face up to rather a lot of backlash over her “wise move”. Margot Melanson pulled off the stunt in Early December and explained that due to her microcar's rather small size, that she had decided to try and get some free parking by instead of paying for her own space, by taking up the remaining space left between two cars who had paid. There has been a lot of feedback after the event, not much of it in her favour. Although some peopl... - Read more
January 3, 2013
The US government currently own 26.5% of General Motors and plan to sell the shares to the majority owner of the company for an estimated £3.4bn. It is believed that 200 million shares are currently in the hands of the Treasury Department.   The government will then sell the remaining 300 million shares on the open market in the next 15 months. The treasury bailed out General Motors back in 2008 and 2009 with a cash injection of $49bn.   The sale of the shares is a way of the government trying to receive the $49 bn it used to bail out the company back in 2008... - Read more
January 2, 2013
Toyota Return to the Top?   Toyota are set to reinstate itself as the biggest car manufacturer in the world after slipping to third back in 2011. General Motors is the firm losing out having taken the top spot from Toyota in 2011. It is believed that the cause of Toyota losing its place in the rankings is due to the tsunami that hit the shores of Japan resulting in a shortage of production.   Before losing the title, Toyota had previously held the position of worlds biggest car maker for three years running, from 2008 to 2010.   As well as supply, dema... - Read more
January 2, 2013
French Car manufacturing giant Renault plan a new marketing strategy with their upcoming model Zoe to try and combat the poor sales of electric cars which have affected the company recently. The Zoe, will be marketed on how extremely quiet it is to drive. Inside the Company, the sales of electric cars are causing extreme disappointment to many within the firm. They would like to try a more unique and successful strategy in their marketing to try and attack the lack of interest buyers have seemed to have in the electric car, which was originally said to be the “next big car thing&r... - Read more
December 31, 2012
As we reach the last day of 2012, we at Aequitas Automotive look back on a hectic year at 'Gap Towers', and outline the plans for 2013 for the UK's leading independent Gap Insurance broker! As you may be aware, Aequitas own and operate not one, but two of the leading Gap Insurance brands in the UK. Both Easy Gap and GapInsurance123 are recognised by leading trade publications as such, and this has been reinforced with a record performance in 2012. 2013 with herald the 4th year online for Easy Gap, our oldest Gap Insurance brand. The name is now one of the best known in the Gap I... - Read more
December 31, 2012
1,000 jobs are said to be created in the UK as Infiniti confirm a very lot of money is going to be invested into the Country. Their new hatchback will be loosely based on the concept car the Infiniti Etherea, which is said to be aimed towards the youth of tomorrow. It is in fact going to be created in the UK, at the award winning Nissan Sunderland factory, around 2015. This is said to create around 280 jobs at the factory itself and 1,000 throughout the country. Infiniti are investing around £250,000,000 into the country. The Etherea, which was first seen 12 months earlier at the ... - Read more
December 27, 2012
Tis the season to be jolly of course, it's Christmas and many of us would have been settling down for a quiet drink with the family or will have been out and about over this Christmas period. For most people, drink driving is extremely serious, Christmas or not and the idea of getting in our motors after a session of drinking, would be the last thing on our minds. However, that was not the case for a British man who was arrested after reportedly driving a car onto an Amsterdam airport runway. The man was reported to be drunk when he had stolen a vehicle at the Schiphol airport in Am... - Read more
December 19, 2012
The Subaru WRX ST-i previously known as the Impreza model will be no more on the roads of the U.K. due to the sincere lack of demand. The new Impreza model has been on review in the U.K for nearly 12 months and has shown that the demand for the car is somewhat non existent.   Whilst the demand is non existent for the Impreza in the U.K, the WRZ seems to be the peoples choice and Subaru are constantly supplying the U.K with models due to the high demand. The model has also been shortlisted as a final nominee for the european car of the year.   The Japanese car ... - Read more