November 14, 2016
Easy Gap Daily Motoring News for 14th November 2016 First up today comes a review of the 2017 Skoda Kodiaq from AutoCar. The long awaited 7 seater is due to hit the showrooms next year and will be a direct equivalent to the VW Tiguan, Seat Altea and Audi Q2 from the same VW Audi Group. AM Online confirm that figures from BCA show that the average price of a used vehicle grew by £215 in October. AutoExpress reveal that Lexus plan to sell a 'fuel cell' car by 2020. Finally, AutoCar reveals that some Audi autom... - Read more
November 4, 2016
Motoring headlines for 3rd November 2016 First up today comes a report from Autocar who have revealed that the new Audi A5 Cabriolet has been revealed ahead of the LA Motor Show.  AutoExpress bring us a story that explains that the High Court have ruled the Governments emissions strategies are not working and that a new emissions tax and scrappage scheme could be introduced. MotorTrader Magazine says that motor dealers are concerned at the level of 'pre-registrations' are higher than expected. Autocar has r... - Read more
November 3, 2016
Motoring headlines 2nd November 2016 from Easy Gap The first story today comes from AutoExpress who bring us details on the recall issue surrounding fires on some 1.4 petrol engine Vauxhall Corsa's. It has been confirmed that the manufacturer says that the recall is not related to a similar issue found with the Zafira model previously. According to a report in Autocar, the weakening pound is bringing foreign car buyers to the UK in search of bargain Right Hand Drive models. AM Online report that BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Ford a... - Read more
November 1, 2016
Motoring headlines for 1st November 2016 from Easy Gap First up from today's motoring headlines comes a story from AutoExpress who report that crash test reports on the Mexican Nissan Tsuru saw the vehicle earn 0 stars. The Japanese manufacturer has withdrawn the model from production. AutoExpress are also the first to bring new photos of the next-generation Toyota Yaris captured in testing. Motor Trader Magazine brings a report that the FCA have issued the 'first of many' final notices to motor dealers this month as... - Read more
October 28, 2016
Easy Gap brings you the best of the motoring headlines for 28th October 2016 First new story 'off the block' today comes from Autocar who confirm that a BBC investigation has found that up to 20% of new car registrations by motor dealers are 'pre registered'. AM Online have reported that the AA confirmed that sustained motor insurance premium increases have been seen over a number of months. Autocar has confirmed that Skoda will look to launch a baby SUV to rival the Nissan Juke.   AutoExpress provid... - Read more
October 26, 2016
Motoring headlines for 26th October 2016 from EasyGap First up today comes a report from Autocar from the world of motorsport. Audi has confirmed that they will no longer be competing in Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) to concentrate on Formula E. Car safety experts NCAP have urged anyone considering buying a Fiat Tipo to buy the optional safety pack available with the vehicle. - AM Online The AA says that motor insurance premiums have risen by more than 16% in the last year. - Autocar Finally, AutoExpre... - Read more
October 25, 2016
Easy Gap brings you our daily round-up of the best of the motoring headlines from 25th October 2016. First up today is a report from that reveals the location in the UK that provides the highest possibility of your vehicle becoming 'written off' by your motor insurer.  Residents of Billingshurst, West Sussex need not worry though, Easy Gap are still happy to provide you with Gap Insurance cover! AM Online are reporting that Franchised Main Dealers are now more popular than independent garages for servicin... - Read more
October 19, 2016
The very best of the motoring headlines for 19th October 2016, brought to you by Easy Gap. First up today, and dominating much of the motoring press, the new Seat Leon has been revealed. AutoExpress have provided new pictures of the model and explain that the update will see huge tech improvements. MotorTrader Magazine looks forward to the Alfa Romeo Giulia to make UK debut in November AutoExpress have cast a gaze into the future as the bring us the Best New Cars for 2018. Finally, and perhaps stretching the 'motoring' theme a little, it has been revealed that McLaren ... - Read more
October 18, 2016
Welcome to the daily motoring headlines for 18th October 2016, brought to you by the boys and girls at Easy Gap. First up today comes the latest story from the VW Audi 'Dieselgate' scandal. AutoCar has reported that Audi will be forced to cut costs and the range may no longer feature units designed and engineered 'in house'.  In an interview with Emissions Analytics founder Nick Molden, AM Online are reported that 'clever mathematics' are the reason why 'real world' driving can never match the reported fuel economy figures for vehicles. AutoExpress... - Read more
October 17, 2016
We hope you all had a great weekend! Easy Gap is back today and bringing you the very best of the motoring headlines from 17th October 2016 First up today comes news from who say that the September new car sales figures throughout Europe were driven by self-registration's from dealers. These vehicles often end up as 'pre reg' cars on dealer forecourts at much-reduced prices. Also from Motor Trader Magazine we get the news that Ssangyong are reviving the old Musso model name for a new pickup they will bring into production. A report from AutoCar says that le... - Read more