Compare Gap Insurance Cover
Compare Gap Insurance Cover
Compare Gap Insurance Cover

What is Gap Insurance and what does it cover?

If your vehicle is declared a total loss by your motor insurer, a GAP Insurance policy can cover the difference between your Comprehensive motor Insurance settlement and, dependent on the type of Gap Insurance, either

  1. your outstanding finance settlement
  2. the original invoice price
  3. the equivalent replacement cost
The basis of any Gap Insurance is simple; your vehicle will lose value over time. In the event of a 'write off', you may lose a substantial amount of money from the initial price you paid for the vehicle. You may still have finance outstanding also, the replacement cost may also have risen. Gap Insurance helps cover this loss.

What type of Gap Insurance is best for you?
Looking to compare Gap Insurance products? The basic types on offer are:

Finance and Contract Hire Gap
- to clear a shortfall on a finance or lease agreement.
Combined Return to Invoice - to cover the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle, or the upstanding finance, whichever the higher.
Combined Vehicle Replacement - to cover the cost of an equivalent replacement vehicle, or the outstanding finance, whichever the higher.
Agreed Value Gap - to cover back to 105% of Glass' Guide Retail Value on the day you bought the policy.

Click on any of the links to find out more, or call the Easy Gap team on 0800 195 4926 and we will be happy to explain further in detail.

Why should you think about protecting yourself with Gap Insurance?

Your vehicle is a depreciating asset! This means that over a period of time it will go down in value. 

If your vehicle is written off or stolen, your own fully comprehensive motor insurance may only be liable to settle whatever your vehicle was worth on the day it was written off. With average three-year rates of depreciation this settlement can be as much as 60-70% less than the original price you paid all those years ago, without any form of Gap protection your insurance companies settlement is the only amount that you would have (without using savings from your bank account) to clear any finance or replace your vehicle.

What does Gap Insurance cost? Much less than you might think!

The premiums for Gap Insurance can vary wildly, especially when you compare prices from the motor dealer with an independent brand like Easy Gap. A typical three year Combined Return to Invoice policy may cost you less than £100 for a vehicle of less than £10,000 purchase price.

The premium does change depending on the price of your vehicle, and how long you want cover for.

Why buy Gap Insurance from Easy Gap?
Easy Gap featured on the original Which? report on Gap Insurance in 2011

Easy Gap features on the Money Saving Expert report on Gap Insurance

Easy Gap is one of a number of brands owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd in the UK. Other well known Gap Insurance brands include GapInsurance123,, and As we work with a number of insurers this gives us the opportunity to compare Gap Insurance products, and premiums, for you.

Easy Gap policies are underwritten by an 'A' rated Insurer. Your policies are backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK, and well as the Financial Ombudsmen Service.
Easy Gap Challenge
We constantly monitor prices but in the unlikely event that you find a cheaper quotation for an equivalent featured policy we will always try to beat it!
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What is Van Gap Insurance and why does it matter if you are VAT registered?

Van gap insurance is very similar to standard levels of gap protection. You can still choose to protect your van with forms of finance gap insurance, return to invoice gap insurance or even vehicle replacement but there are two major additional factors that you need to consider. In most cases, in order to be able to take advantage of higher levels of van gap insurance, your van will have to weigh no more than 3500 kg. This is because anything over this amount is not classed as a Light Commercial Van (LCV) and you will need specialist cover. With this in mind please check your vans gross weight before you buy any level of protection. Simply click on a quotation and our system will eliminate levels of van gap insurance for you to consider based on how much your van cost, how long you have owned your van for, the age and mileage and even how you have funded the purchase. You will also need to be aware that if you are VAT registered and have already claimed back the VAT proportion of the Vans invoice price that this will be deducted from any settlement. This is because otherwise in theory you would be claiming back something that you did not pay and have already claimed back.

Van Gap Insurance at Easy Gap!
With Motorhome residual values unlike any other vehicle, why should you consider a form of protection?

It is true motorhomes depreciate, unlike any other vehicle. The average vehicles depreciation rate can be up to 50% within the first three years alone, however, this is considerably lower when we are thinking about motorhomes. The problem is that as they tend to be very expensive, even a modest 25% depreciation rate can amount to a huge sum of money and without any form of cover the market value of your motorhome on the day it was written off will be the only amount that you will have to replace your motorhome or campervan. If you can choose to protect your motorhome with varying degrees of cover from classic finance gap insurance, to return to invoice and vehicle replacement with claim limits up to £25,000. If you have just bought a new motorhome or one new to you why not click or call and a member of the team and explore your motorhome gap insurance options.

Motorhome Gap Insurance at Easy Gap!
What is Motorbike Gap insurance and why should you think about protecting your bike?

Motorbikes, whether we like to admit it or not, are just like any other vehicle. This means that your bike will lose value over time and depending on the manufacturer and the mileage, this could be up to 50-60% before your bikes third birthday.

As a result, if your bike is written off, your own insurance company may offer thousands and thousands of pounds less than you originally paid as a settlement.

Statistically, you as a motorbike owner are also more likely to make a claim. This is not your fault, it is simply just that bikes are a lot easier for criminal elements of society to target for theft. Also, if your bike is involved in even a minor accident, it is much more likely to sustain damage which will mean that it is written off.

Gap Insurance can help as it can protect you against this unexpected financial loss by protecting the difference between your insurance companies settlement and either the amount you still have outstanding on your finance agreement, the original invoice price you paid or even the replacement cost.

Taxi Gap Insurance is something that is relatively new in the gap insurance world and can mean you may struggle or at best be difficult to find. 

This is because most insurance companies feel that the risk to them with taxi and private hire vehicles is too high. So why is this? To understand why you first need to understand what gap insurance does and how it works. Taxi gap insurance is there to protect you should your taxi or private hire car be written off. Don't forget that if your taxi joins the estimated 600,000 other vehicles written off in the UK each year your own insurance company will only ever pay you what your taxi is worth at that time.

With the usage and sheer mileage that taxi drivers can achieve, this means that you car will be worth a lot less than Mr. & Mrs. Joe Average.  The standard rates of depreciation can result in your vehicle losing nearly 50% within the first three years alone are based on average mileage which is in the region of £12,000 to £15,000 per year. 

We talk to a range of taxi drivers who can clock up this mileage in a matter of months. This means that when you make a claim, your own insurance company is paying a lot less and your taxi gap insurance policy is now paying the larger share. Combine this with the fact that because of the length of time that you are on the road you are more like to be involved in an accident.

Do you know what is Car Gap Insurance and what can it do for you?

Car Gap Insurance is just like any other form of gap insurance in that it protects you financially if and when your car is written off, whether it is a lease car, on hire purchase or owned outright. Please remember, if your car is deemed a 'total loss', your own insurance company may only ever offer you the market value of your car on the day it was written off. The average vehicle along with average usage is estimated to lose up to 60-70% within just three years. This would mean that without any level of protection, the amount that your own insurance offer you, the settlement could be thousands and thousands of pounds less than you optimally paid. Worse you could be left paying for a car that you no longer have.

Car Gap Insurance can help as depending upon the level of cover you chose you can protect the difference between your own insurance companies settlement and either the amount outstanding on finance, the invoice price or even the replacement cost.

Car Gap Insurance at Easy Gap!

We guarantee that you will not pay more for one of our Easy Gap cover than you will for an equivalent policy in the current market.

If you are comparing the different types of Gap Insurance protection, then Easy Gap is a great place to look. After you have had all the types of products explained, we hope you will agree that Gap Insurance is worth it. You can choose from a range of products, from back to invoice Gap to full replacement Gap. We have done the homework for you and got both the policy features and premiums right first time

No vouchers, no codes absolutely no gimmicks! That said if you do find a cheaper gap insurance quotation from another company for a comparable product then we guarantee to beat it. No drama, no small print, no get out clauses and no fuss, simply call 0800 195 4926 quote price match and speak to a member of the team.

We make a promise that you will not pay a penny more for our products than you would from any of our competitors.

There is one further aspect you will want to be assured of too, your protection. Easy Gap is owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Prior to 1st January 2017 our insurers were UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance, both authorised and regulated by the FCA. Ageas Insurance is also registered with the Prudential Regulation Authority. From 1st January 2017, our policies are now underwritten by AM Trust International Underwriters Ltd.

Your Easy Gap policies are also covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK, as well as the Financial Ombudsmen Service.

What is Return to Invoice Gap? How does it work?

Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance (sometimes called Back to Invoice, Purchase Price Protection or Invoice Gap) is probably the most common form of Gap Insurance.It is designed to cover the difference between your motor insurers settlement if they write the vehicle off after an accident, fire or theft, and the original invoice price you paid.

How does Return to Invoice Gap Insurance work?

An example of how RTI Gap works

If you look at the example given for a £20,000 vehicle to the left.

At the end of year
one the vehicle is now worth £15,000 having lost £5,000 in value

At the end of year
two the vehicle is now worth £12,000 having lost £8,000 in value

At the end of year
three the vehicle is now worth £9,000 having lost £11,000 in value

At the end of year
four the vehicle is now worth £7,000 having lost £13,000 in value

At the end of year
five the vehicle is now worth £5,000 having lost £15,000 in value

If you had to make a claim on your Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance then the policy really works in a simple manner.

Motor Insurers Settlement + Return to Invoice Gap Settlement = Original Invoice Price you paid

As is shown on the chart this means that as the motor insurers settlement may get smaller (as the vehicle gets older and depreciates in value further) then the RTI Gap settlement would get bigger. In any case, the aim of the Back to Invoice cover is that when you add it to your fully comprehensive motor insurance settlement you simply get your original invoice price back.

RTI Gap Insurance claim, who pays what?

Using the figures above, as an example, then if you took the end of year one, two, three, four or five as then the settlements would be made in the following manner.

Return to Invoice Gap Settlements

As you can see you can simply add the motor insurers settlement to the RTI Gap settlement and you can effectively protect your original purchase price at any time if the vehicle is deemed a 'total loss' following an accident, fire or theft and get the original £20,000 back in full at any point of cover.

Key features of Combined Return to Invoice Gap from EasyGap

These will include:

  1. 1-5 year policy periods
  2. Deferred start dates should you have 'new car replacement' cover with your motor insurer (1yr deferred + 4 year cover maximum)
  3. Cover for cars, motorbikes, taxi's, courier, motorhome, driving schools, couriers
  4. 'Combined' cover if the finance settlement is higher than the invoice price paid
  5. Up to £250 of your motor insurers excess deduction from their settlement
  6. Up to £1500 of additional dealer accessories shown on the sales invoice
  7. Cover for vehicle purchases from VAT registered motor dealer no more than 180 days ago
  8. Cover for cash purchases, HP or PCP finance through the motor dealer or via personal loan

Why buy Return to Invoice Gap Insurance?

There are a number of factors why people could consider buying a Combined Return to Invoice policy.

  1. Your vehicle will (unless you are extremely fortunate) lose a significant amount of value, from the initial amount paid, due to the natural depreciation that normally comes with ownership. Over the first three years, this may be 50-60% of the original price you paid.
  2. Your motor insurer may only over the 'market value' of the vehicle at the point of loss, and not the original price you paid. This means your potential cover may lessen day by day.
  3. Around 5-600,000 are estimated to be 'written off' each year through fire, theft, accident (fault or non-fault) incidents
  4. You may have outstanding finance on your vehicle at point or loss, and the motor insurers settlement may not be enough to clear this debt
  5. You may have put a significant deposit in the finance agreement and this may disappear if you have to pay off outstanding finance if the vehicle is written off
  6. You may have paid for the vehicle with your own funds and you want to protect this investment for a period of years

Examples of what Return to Invoice Gap cannot cover you for

It is important that you understand the limitations of RTI Gap cover and what you can and cannot expect from the policy. Examples of what may not be covered can include:
  1. Where you are not covered for the claim by your own motor insurance policy (ie your own motor insurance must pay out for you to claim on the RTI Gap cover too)
  2. Any excess deducted by your motor insurer over £250
  3. Any 'negative equity' carried forward from your previous finance agreement (although an additional option may be available)
  4. Any increased cost of replacing the vehicle, eg the original vehicle was bought for £15,000 but three years later the cost of replacing it

Why buy Return to Invoice Gap from Easy Gap?

There are many places that you can buy Gap Insurance today. These may include the motor dealer who is supplying the vehicle to you, the finance company you are arranging the finance through, your motor insurance broker and other independent specialist Gap Insurance providers like Easy Gap. 

So why choose Easy Gap for RTI Gap Insurance?

There are several key reasons we believe:

  1. Easy Gap is one of the longest established independent Gap Insurance brands on the market.
  2. Easy Gap has been featured in both the Which? Report on Gap Insurance and the Martin Lewis Moneysaving Expert Gap Insurance report.
  3. Easy Gap is one of a number of online brands operated by Aequitas Automotive Ltd. Others include GapInsurance123,, and TyreInsurance123. This allows you access to a number of insurers products and the almost unique ability for independent comparison between them when you speak to our Advisors
  4. Easy Gap offers some of the most competitive premiums AND most comprehensive feature set in the market today
  5. Easy Gap uses strong security rated insurers

Who are Easy Gap?

Easy Gap is one of the leading names in the independent Gap Insurance market in the UK. Established by Aequitas Automotive Ltd in 2010, the Easy Gap brand is one of a number of niche insurance facilities operated by the company. Easy Gap sits alongside its sister brands, and Between these facilities, we can offer a range of Gap Insurance products offered by different insurers, as well as a range of complimentary products such as Tyre Insurance and Alloy Wheel Insurance. 

All four Aequitas Automotive Ltd Gap Insurance brands are featured on the Which? Gap Insurance report online. Both Easy Gap and GapInsurance123 feature on the MoneySaving Expert Gap Insurance report also.

The huge advantage in having a range of options is that we can, with impartiality and authority, compare and contrast products and features from different insurers. We think this ability allows you a clear advantage over brokers who only have one insurers terms to offer you.

Having access to a number of insurers products, via our sister brands, also allows Easy Gap customers access to a range of complementary products such as

Alloy Wheel Insurance inc cover for diamond and laser cut

Tyre Insurance

Complete Wheel Insurance

Scratch and Dent Insurance

Motor Excess Insurance

Where is Easy Gap based?

Aequitas Automotive Ltd, trading as, is based in the historic Hamilton Square in Birkenhead on the banks of the River Mersey. Hamilton Square contains the highest number of Grade 1 listed buildings in the UK, outside Trafalgar Square in London.


Aequitas Automotive Ltd purchased 56 Hamilton Square in the middle of 2015, and after nearly a year to renovate, moved into the 3500 sq ft building in April 2016.

In July 2016 Aequitas Automotive Ltd completed the purchase of the adjacent 57 Hamilton Square with plans for the new building to accommodate further expansion plans of the company.