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What is Motorhome Gap Insurance and why do you need to think about buying it?



Buying a motorhome can be extremely expensive and is usually a vehicle that is used during high days and holidays.


Protecting such an investment with GAP Insurance is a serious consideration for a great many owners of this type of vehicle.motorhome GAP Insurance


If your motor home is declared a total loss by your motor insurance then GAP Insurance could prove invaluable. What would happen if your motor home was stolen? What if there was flood damage, fire damage or even worse if involved in an accident?


Please remember that while most vehicles can depreciate up to 50 % and in some cases considerably more in just three years your motorhome, or campervan, will not normally lose this amount. That said it will lose value and because of the normally higher purchase price, even a modest depreciation of 20% over three years can mean you could lose a massive amount.


This means that if your motorhome is written off then without any form of gap insurance you could be left severely out of pocket. 


Return to Invoice GAP Insurance is designed to pay the difference between the motor insurer’s settlement (subject to agreement with ourselves) and the original purchase price of the vehicle. Any settlement will be paid in accordance with the maximum claim limit outlined within the individual policy.


An example of this could be that your motor home is stolen and then declared a total loss by your motor insurer. The insurer offers the market value for the insured loss and the GAP Insurance contributes, within set claim limits, the difference towards the original invoice price.


Without this type of insurance in place, the financial losses incurred could be quite different indeed. For a full list of terms and conditions please see your policy documents. 


Why not click and see just how inexpensive a motorhome easy gap insurance policy could be?