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Why should you consider Easy Taxi Return to Invoice Gap Insurance


  • Taxi return to invoice GAP insurance is available to customers who use their car for taxi and chauffeur use only.
  • The car must have been bought from a main dealer or a VAT registered garage.
  • The car must have been bought within the last 180 days to be eligible.
  • The car must be worth less than £50,000 and have covered less than 80,000 miles.
  • The car must have been purchased with cash, personal loan, Hire Purchase or PCP (personal contract plan).
  • The car must be fully comprehensively insured and all drivers named on the insurance policy.






The benefits of Taxi Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance are as follows;


If your car is ever written off (providing your motor insurer validate and are prepared to pay out the claim) your motor insurer will offer you the current market value, for your car. Our claims team department will then liaise with your motor insurance company and agree a settlement. This means that between your two insurance companies you will be returned back to the original invoice price.


From the invoice price you can clear any finance outstanding if needs be and what ever is left over after the finance has been settled will be paid out to you. 


When the claim has been resolved your Taxi GAP insurance will also contribute up to £250 towards your motor insurance excess.


Please remember that when it comes to making a claim how your car is written off, how it is stolen or in fact whose fault it is without wishing to sound heartless does not matter. The main term for us is that what ever the reason your own insurance company have to deem it a valid claim.


So for example if you are driving down the motorway and you skid on black ice and write your car off, well that is simply an accident and your own insurance will agree and will offer you the market value for your car.


By contrast if you skid on black ice because you where drunk behind the wheel? Well sorry your own motor insurance company will not settle as you where doing something illegal.


If you can imagine we top up your insurance companies settlement if for what ever reason they decide that the reason that you made a claim is not valid and within the terms of your own motor insurance then there is nothing for your gap insurance to top up so there would be no gap insurance claim.


For a full list of terms and conditions and a quotation why not click for a quote and see just how simple and easy protecting yourself with an EasyGap insurance can be?