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What is Easy Gap Tyre Insurance, and why should you consider protecting yourself with a policy?Tyre Insurance easygap


A tyre insurance policy is a simple and cost-efficient way of protecting yourself against the cost of having to replace your tyres if they need replacing because of a puncture or blow out.


(Please remember that this is NOT a maintenance package and if your tyre simply wears out through general wear and tear, you will have to buy another tyre)


So what does an Easy Gap Tyre Insurance policy do?


Simply put if you had a for example a puncture. You would simply contact the claims team. They would direct you to your nearest Halfords Auto Centre (where possible). They would access the wheel and decide if it can be repaired or if in fact it needed to be replaced. At that point they would liaise with the claims team and gain authorisation for the repair or replacement. You would then simply pay for the repair and send you invoice in to be reimbursed. Easy !


So is tyre insurance really worth it?


We think so after all just one tyre can cost anything from a £80-90 to over £350 and a puncture can happen anywhere and at any time.


You  can buy Easy Gap tyre insurance or either two or three years and we can even arrange to spread the cost (subject to status).


What we can not cover with your Easy Gap Tyre insurance policy?


• Any claim where the tyre has worn away and has less than 2mm tread depth • Any claim which is made more than 30 days after the damage occurs

• Any claims for wear and tear

• Any claim where the damage is only cosmetic. This means that it does not make the tyre unsafe in any way and as such it would pass an MOT


For a full list of terms and conditions please see your policy document.

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