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What can an Easy Gap Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance policy do for you?


A tyre and alloy wheel policy can protect you against unforeseen costs of both damage to your alloy wheels and tyre punctures and blow outs.


A recent report conducted by Kwik Fit (published by Kwik fit in June 2018 ) found that the average UK motorists spends £162 per month keeping their car. That could be made up from insurance, fuel and basic maintenance.


Please remember that this is without any finance payments.


The average monthly finance payment is a £226.00.


So without any additional costs your car could be costing you a whopping £388 per month.


So, what happens if you get a puncture?


What happens if the puncture is not repairable and needs replacing?


What happens if you kerb your alloy wheel?


A run flat tyre can cost anything from £150 to over £350 in some cases even a standard tyre can cost hundreds depending on the size. An alloy wheel repair can cost anything from £80 to almost £150 for perhaps a laser or diamond cut wheel.


Please remember that no one ever plans to have a puncture or blow out so this can happen at any time to anyone. Ok so driving a vehicle with a flat tyre is not legal and even more importantly not safe. (If your vehicle has run flat tyres then as per the manufacture guidelines you may be able to drive at limited speed for a limited amount of time.)


Driving a car with a kerbed alloy will not affect the drivability of the car but it can affect the appearance and the re-sale or part exchange price.


For some people the thought of having to find an extra potential couple of hundred pounds at a moment’s notice is no problem. For others it is easier to budget knowing that instead you are protected.


So what will your Easy Gap Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance cover you for?

  • You can make up to 4 claims per year on your tyres
  • You can make up to 4 claims per year on your alloy wheels
  • We will pay up to £50 towards the cost of any tyre repair
  • We will pay up to £350 towards the cost of a replacement tyre
  • We will pay a goodwill contribution of £150 if your alloy wheel is not repairable
  • Covers accidental Damage
  • Covers malicious damage - (you would have to report this to the police and be able to quote a crime reference number)


What your Easy Gap Tyre and Alloy wheel insurance will not cover?


We think that as fantastic value for money as our policies are, that it is equally important that you know what your easy gap tyre and alloy wheel insurance policy will not cover you for.

  • There is a £10 excess/call-out fee for each and every repair
  • There is a 30 day waiting period during which time we will not honour any claims
  • We will not cover any damage caused by over or under inflation of your tyre
  • Where your tyre has less than 2mm tread depth.
  • We will not cover you outside the UK
  • We will not cover wear and tear so if your tyre wears out you will have to buy another.
  • We will not cover any repair which was caused by an accident which means that your car was written off.
  • Any repair to a tyre which does not show the "E" (this means that your tyre conforms to the EU or International standards and has been tested for load and speed)
  • Any liability to a third party caused by the blowout or puncture or alloy wheel damage.
  • Any cost which is related to you not having the use of your car while it has a puncture.


For a full list of terms and conditions please see your Easy Gap Tyre and Alloy wheel Insurance Policy Documents.