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What is Easy Gap Motor Excess Insurance?


Easy Gap Motor Excess Insurance is a policy which protects you against the cost of your own motor insurance companies excess.


When you are shopping for motor insurance it is easy to forget that what can appear to be small difference in the amount that your insurance company ask you to agree to in the form of an excess can make a massive difference when you need to make a claim.


There are two types of excess that your motor insurance can ask you to pay.


  1. Compulsory - This is an amount that your own insurance insists you pay towards the cost of any repair / write off or claim.
  2. Voluntary - This is amount that you choose and is on top of any compulsory amount that your insurance company have insisted upon.


Did you know that by increasing your voluntary excess amount it can in some cases make a huge difference to your motor insurance companies quote. Even a small increase can save hundreds pounds depending upon driving history , age, claims history etc.


After all you are committing to pay the 1st for example £500 or £1000 or £1500 of any claim. This therefore lowers your own motor insurance companies’ risk and as we all know lower risk means lower premium.


So the temptation can be to have this amount as high as possible.


The downside is that at any time you may need to make a claim and therefore be left having to find chunks of money that instant.


It is not unusual for you to find that when you are collecting your vehicle after a repair that while the majority of the invoice is sent directly to your motor insurance company for payment, you are in most cases asked to pay your excess before they will release the keys.


This is exactly where Easy Gap Motor insurance excess can help. You would simply wait for your own motor insurance company to ask you to pay your excess. Pay it and then simply claim it back.


Motor Excess Insurance Simple and easy as that !