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When won't your EasyGap Motorbike Gap insurance policy settle your claim?


When you buy an Easy Gap insurance policy to cover your motorbike, you will be forgiven for thinking that your policy will settle any claim you make, no matter the circumstances. No matter who is at fault.


After all, if your bike is written off, you want your money back, and that is why you buy gap insurance, isn't it?


It is worth noting that at EasyGap, we want to settle claims, and our claims team have never refused to pay a legitimate claim.


However, in certain circumstances, our claims team will not make any settlement. It may sound strange to shine a spotlight on the reasons that our claims team would not settle your claim; however, at EasyGap, we think it is as important to highlight any negative aspects of a policy as it is to promote the benefits.


Please remember that there are one million and one ways to write a bike off. It could be stolen with the keys or without. You could have an accident that is your fault or someone else's.


Rather than attempt to list all the possible ways your bike could be declared a write-off and still manage to miss some, our policy says that "your own insurance company must give you indemnity for the claim". 


This phrase is insurance jargon for whatever reason; whoever is at fault, your own fully comprehensive motor insurance must look at the circumstances of the write-off and agree that it is a valid claim.


For example - If your bike is written off because you were found to be doing any of the following, your fully comprehensive bike insurance company will not settle your claim.  


  1. Illigeal- e.g. you were drunk while riding your bike
  2. Negligent - e.g. you left the keys in the ignition
  3. Dishonest - e.g. you set your own bike on fire
  4. Fauluent - e.g. you try to make several gap insurance claims for the same bike.


Your gap insurance policy is designed to top up our motor insurance company settlement back up to the original price you paid. If they evaluate your claim and decide not to settle, there is nothing for us to top up, and therefore we will not settle either. 


Whatever scenario you can think of boils down to the fact that your motor insurer must agree that it is a valid claim.


Please see your policy documents for a complete list of terms and conditions and how an EasyGap Motorbike insurance policy could help protect you.