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Buy GAP Insurance for your Driving School vehicle



Should you buy Gap Insurance? It is a great question. The normal reasoning for any vehicle is that


A. the vehicle an expensive item that you are either paying off on a finance agreement or you have paid out of your savings

B. the vehicle will lose value over time.


These reasons, combined, means that GAP Insurance can be an attractive option to protect your finances.


When looking at GAP Insurance for a Driving School then there are further aspects to consider, namely


C. The vehicle is an essential part of your business.

D. You may cover a higher than average mileage that can devalue your vehicle more quickly

E. Your vehicle may be driven by inexperienced, learner drivers


These additional factors mean that GAP Insurance cover for your Driving School may provide invaluable protection for your business and income.


Here we explain how.


Combined Return to Invoice GAP Insurance for Driving School vehicles can protect, in the event of a total loss declaration by your motor insurer, the difference between your motor insurers settlement AND the higher of:


the outstanding finance settlement on the vehicle (if there is one)


the original invoice price paid for the car