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Gap Insurance made for Motorbikes

Some providers may offer cover for motorbikes, but our policy has been specially designed for bikes.
(This means that we can not cover trikes or three-wheelers.) 

So why do you need to consider protecting your bike with Gap Insurance?

Please remember that you may be the safest and most careful security concisence road user there has ever been. Unfortunately, not all other road users are.

  1. statistics say that in 2021, there was a 10% increase year on year in the number of motorbikes registered in the UK.
  2. The finance company Anglo Scottish used a freedom of information request via DVLA and discovered that between June 2022 and May 2023, there were 18361 bikes stolen.
  3.  Source: DfT STATS19 and National Road Traffic Census latest published figures are that there was a total of 13604 accidents involving a motorbike.

So what happens if your bike is written off?

Please remember that your motor insurance company is legally obliged to offer you your bike's value on the day it was written off. 

For example - figures are taken from Auto Trader 13/09/2023.

  • A Brand New BMW R1250RS cost £17860.
  • The best price we could find for a 2019 bike with 7306 miles on the clock advertised for 9791.
  • That is a deprecation drop of £8069 in just under four years.


  • Triumph Street Triple RS 675 Brand New £11295
  • The best price we could find for a 2019 with 1108 miles on the clock was £5690
  • That is a deprecation drop of £5605 in just under four years.

The rate of depreciation means that this could be a lot less than you originally paid. (Depreciation is how much your bike will lose in value over time compared to the original price you paid.) 

  1. If you have paid cash for your bike without having to use any savings or committing to a form of finance package, then the only amount you will have to be able to replace your motorcycle is whatever your motor insurance company offer you in settlement.
  2. If you have paid using a form of finance, hopefully, your insurance payout will be enough to clear any finance; in the worst case, however, you could be left with a shortfall, which would mean you are left paying for a bike you no longer have.

Easy Gap Insurance for you Motorbike can help.
Simply put, it pays the difference between your fully comprehensive motor insurance company's settlement and the higher of either the amount outstanding on finance or the original invoice price you paid.

For example, using the BMW costs we highlighted before 

  • In October 2019, you bought a brand new BMW R1250RS, which cost £17860.
  • Just under four years later, your bike is stolen, and your motor insurance company offer you £9791.
  • Your gap insurance would then pay £8069.
  • You now have the total £17860 purchase price back.

If you paid cash, the money is sent to you as a cash settlement for you to spend as you see fit.

If you used a form of finance and it's still outstanding, then any finance is cleared, and the balance of what is left ( this difference between the purchase price and the finance settlement ) is sent to you again for you to spend as you see fit.

With insurance premiums starting from under £100 for a three-year policy based on a bike with a purchase price of under £ 10,000, is it worth taking the chance not to protect your bike with an EasyGap Motorbike policy?