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Have you just purchased an Audi? 


Are you considering protecting the vehicle with GAP Insurance, Tyre, Alloy Wheel or Minor Damage Insurance? At Easy Gap we have a range of products to help. 


The prestige german car manufacturer has one of the largest model ranges in the marketplace today. The choice is impressive. 


As of July 2020, the new car model list from Audi includes:


  • Audi A1     (from £18,670 RRP)        

  • Audi A3     / S3 / RS3 (from £23,300 RRP)        

  • Audi A4 /     S4 / RS4 (from £30,760 RRP)        

  • Audi A5 /     S5 / RS5 (from £39,005 RRP)        

  • Audi A6 /     TFSI e / S6 / RS6 (from £40,395 RRP)        

  • Audi A7 /     S7 / RS7 (from £48,190 RRP)        

  • Audi A8 /     TFSI e / S8 (from £72,885 RRP)        

  • Audi Q2 /     SQ2 (from £22,725 RRP)        

  • Audi Q3 /     RSQ3 (from £31,885 RRP)        

  • Audi Q5 /     TFSI e / SQ5 (from £41,445 RRP)        

  • Audi Q7 /     TFSI e / SQ7 (from £56,940 RRP)        

  • Audi Q8 /     SQ8, RS Q8 (from £66,745 RRP)        

  • Audi TT /     TTS / TT RS (from £32,790 RRP)        

  • Audi R8     (from £115,890)        

  • Audi e-tron (from £59,990)    

GAP Insurance options for Audi


At Easy Gap we offer two options for you. 

Easy Gap Combined Return to Invoice cover

Suitable for : cash buy, PCP or Hire Purchase, Personal Loan. New or used vehicles purchased within the last 180 days from a VAT registered motor dealer. Combined Return to Invoice Audi example

How it works : to cover between the motor insurers settlement, at point of loss, and the higher of:

  • the outstanding finance settlement    

  • the original invoice price paid    

Also covers :

  • Up to £250 of the motor insurers excess deduction from a total loss settlement    

  • Up to £1500 of dealer fitted accessories shown on the original purchase invoice for the vehicle    




Easy Gap Contract Hire/Lease GAP Insurance


Suitable for : vehicles secured on a lease arrangement where you have no option to own the vehicle. 

How it works : to cover any shortfall between your motor insurers settlement, at point of loss, and the outstanding lease settlement. 

Also covers : 

  • Up to £250 or the motor insurers excess deduction from a total loss settlement    

  • OPTIONAL - Up to £3,000 of any advanced rental payment you have made on the lease.     

Additional Insurance products from Easy Gap suitable for Audi


Tyre Insurance 


Key features

We can cover the costs of replacement or repair to the tyres of your Audi, should they be maliciously or accidentally damaged.

  •  Up to 4 claims per 12 month period of cover, £10 excess per claim    

  • We can cover standard, run flat and N-rated tyres.     

  • There are optional maximum replacement costs or either £150 or £350 for standard tyres. All run flat tyres have a maximum replacement costs of £350.    

  • We can cover tyres up to 22 inches in diameter.     


Alloy Wheel Insurance


Key features

To cover the costs of a cosmetic repair to a damaged alloy wheel. 

  • Up to 4 claims per 12 month period of cover, £10 excess per claim    

  • Can cover diamond, laser and painted alloy wheels    

  • Can cover alloys up to 22 inch in diameter    

  • If the alloy wheel is not repairable then you can claim £150 towards a replacement alloy wheel    

Even better value with combined products


SMARTCare Cosmetic Insurance


SMARTCare rolls together three separate insurance. Alloy wheel insurance, Minor Bodywork Damage insurance (aka Scratch and Dent Insurance) and Interior Repair Insurance. 


This allows you to have a combined maximum of 5 claims per annum, spread across the three types of cover. 


As with the stand-alone alloy wheel insurance, you can make up to 4 claims per 12 month of cover (not 5) for cosmetic repairs to the wheels. 


The minor bodywork damage element allow for claims of up to 30cm in length, and dents of 3mm in depth. The damage can be over 2 body panels and repairable by a mobile (SMART) repair. 


Damage that must go to a bodyshop is not going to be covered. 


The final element of SMARTCare is the Interior Repair Insurance. This can cover the likes of a cracked trim, or damaged upholstery. 


All claims on the SMARTCare product attract a £10 excess per claim. 


Complete Wheel (Tyre & Alloy Wheel) Insurance 

Tyre and alloy wheel insurance

This policy combines the features of the stand-alone alloy wheel and tyre products. This means you can get up to 4 claims per year for alloy wheel repairs, and up to 4 claims per year for tyre replacement and repairs. 


Again we can cover diamond or laser cut alloy wheels, as well as run flat and N-Rated tyres. 


There is a £10 excess per claim. 





The products provided by Easy Gap are suitable for new and used Audi vehicles. However, Easy Gap products are not provided through franchised dealerships. Easy Gap products are not affiliated, associated or endorsed by Audi UK. Easy Gap is an independent provider of products such as GAP Insurance, Tyre Insurance, Alloy Wheel Insurance, Cosmetic Repair Insurance, and Motor Excess Insurance.

If you are comparing our products to those offered by your dealer then please check the full terms, conditions, and features.


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