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How to claim on your Easy GAP Tyre Insurance


Of course, you only find out how good any insurance is when you have to make a claim. Unlike many other products, Easy Gap provides, claiming on tyre insurance is something that may need immediate attention. 


A scrape on an alloy wheel is something that can be sorted out in the days to come. A deflating tyre on your driveway may not afford you the same luxury of time. 


So how do you go about claiming on your Tyre Insurance with Easy Gap? Tyre Insurance claims from Easy Gap


  • If you need to claim 9 am and 5 pm on a working weekday then you should call the claims team directly on 0114 321 9877. They will process your claim and advise you what to do next.


For an eligible claim, they will typically direct you to a tyre retailer that they have on account. The beauty of this is that there is a mechanism in place. All you have to do is take your car in. The tyre specialists will then assess the damage. They liaise with the claims team who will then authorise the appropriate repair or replacement for an eligible claim. 


The primary national tyre specialist that the claims team have ‘on account’ is Halfords Autocentres. So if you make a claim, the claims team will look to direct you for an assessment at your local Halfords Autocentre. 


  • If the claim is outside the claims team hours, and you cannot wait until they are open, there is an emergency procedure you can follow. You can take the tyre to any VAT registered tyre retailer (please still use Halfords Autocentres where possible - it makes the reimbursement process more straightforward). They will advise if the tyre can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. In either case, you can proceed with what they recommend. You must ask them to take photographs of the damage, measure and note the tyre tread depth across the impacted tyre. We also ask that the tyre retailer keeps hold of the tyre, for inspection purposes, if required. You need to pay for the repair or replacement, get your photographs and invoice and call the claims team when they are back open. 


The claims team will assess your claim and reimburse you if the claim is eligible, less your excess on the policy. Remember, there are some criteria that you will need to meet for the claim to be eligible. The most important of these will include:


  • The claim is for accidental or malicious damage 


  • You have a minimum of 2.0mm tread depth on your tyre.


  • That you have not made more than claims than permitted. You are allowed up to four claims per year of cover. 


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