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There are lots of questions you may want to ask about Tyre Insurance before you even think about buying it. Here we provide 10 of the most popular Tyre Insurance questions we are ever asked.


If I make a claim what standard of tyre will I get? 


If you have a 'premium' tyre on your vehicle, then any replacement is made on a 'like for like' basis, wherever possible. So if you have a Pirelli P Zero XL, then it will be with a new Pirelli P Zero XL tyre we will look to replace it. 


WE DO NOT provide part worn or remould tyres.

WE DO NOT replace 'premium' tyres with 'budget' ones.


The only thing we cannot guarantee is that the tyre retailer will have your exact, same tyre in stock when you arrive. They may offer you the nearest equivalent or may provide you with the option to wait until they can get the exact tyre in stock again.  Top 10 tyre insurance questions


Can I take my car to any tyre retailer of my choice? 


Our insurer has a national retailer 'on account' at Halfords Autocentres. When you make a claim, then the claims team will endeavour to have you book into your local Halfords Autocentre, to make life easier for you and the insurer. 


However, if your claim is outside the hours the claims team are available, and you are unable to attend a local Halfords Autocentre, then there are other options. You can take your car to any VAT registered tyre retailer. They can inspect the tyre, and you can go ahead with what they advise. You would have to pay for the work yourself, ask for photographs of the damage and that the tyre tread depth is noted on the paperwork.


You can then contact the claims team when they are next available, make your claim and any reimbursement will be processed for eligible work. 


Please remember, the insurer will not authorise the cost of a claim that is higher than they would have reasonably expected to pay. For example, if you need a replacement tyre and it is £210 at the insurers authorised repairers at Halfords, then they may only pay that amount of any bill you may provide carrying a higher cost. If you want to check the prices at Halfords Autocentres, you can go on their website online. 


I've been advised that I need to change tyres in pairs, will you cover this?


Some manufacturers state that for specific models if you change a tyre, you must also change the tyre on the same axle on the opposite side of the vehicle. For example, if your front near side tyre blows out, then you must also change the front offside tyre at the same time. 


Our Tyre Insurance policy only covers tyres that are accidentally or maliciously damaged to the point that they would not pass an MOT and need changing on safety grounds. If the other tyre on the same axle is in a safe condition, then it would not qualify for an eligible claim. Therefore, if you choose to have the opposite tyre also changed then you would have to pay for that yourself. 


Are there any price limits as to the most I can claim for a tyre replacement?


Yes, for standard tyres you have options for either a £150 or £350 maximum tyre replacement cost. For run-flat tyres, the maximum is set at £350. The premium reflects the options you select when you get a quote. 


If you opt for a £150 maximum replacement cost and it turns out the price is £190, then the tyre insurance policy will cover the £150 (less any excess), and you would have to pay the remainder.  


Do you deduct anything for wear and tear?


No, unlike some tyre insurance policies we do not deduct any amount from your settlement or claim for wear and tear on the tyre. 


Please bear in mind; however, we do only cover claims for accidental or malicious damage. We do not cover you if the tyre is worn out and needs changing. 


We require a minimum tyre tread depth of 2mm for a claim to be eligible also


So if you have a nail in your tyre, and it needs to be changed, whether the tyre is worn to 6mm or 3mm, as long as it is at least 2mm tread depth, then your claim can be processed. 


If your tyre is worn out, then we do not cover the cost of a replacement. 


Are any vehicles excluded from cover?


There are certain vehicles and uses that are excluded for cover. We only cover cars used for private, commuting and class 1 business use. 


This means we exclude from cover:


  • LCV's, panel vans, vehicles exceeding 3500kgs

  • Motorhomes, motorbikes, quad bikes, caravans

  • Vehicles used for hire and rewards, courier, driving tuition, taxi or delivery


A vehicle would also be excluded if the removal of the wheel required specialist equipment only available at the main dealer. The cost of this would be prohibitive on each claim, and therefore we do not cover the costs of the wheel removal if it requires a specialist.  


Am I covered abroad?


Our Tyre Insurance only covers claims in mainland UK and Northern Ireland. The reason for this is that our insurers' repair network is only based in the UK. Please note, if you are planning to travel abroad in your vehicle. 


Are there any situations where I cannot claim for a tyre repair or replacement?


All insurance products have terms and conditions, and there will be certain situations where you cannot make a claim. You cannot get a replacement or a repair where the tyre is worn out through everyday vehicle use if the remaining tyre tread is less than 2mm across the tyre (legal UK limit is 1.6mm).


Our Tyre Insurance will also not cover you when are using the vehicle for specific commercial purposes (around hire and reward) or racing, rallying and off-road activities. 


Finally, when you do buy a policy, there is a 30 day 'waiting' period at the start of the cover. This is where you cannot claim within the first 30 days of cover. This is to prevent fraudulent claims. 


The only exception to the 30 day waiting period is when the vehicle in question is brand new, and you set up the tyre policy before you collect the car. 


Can I transfer the policy to another vehicle?


Our insurers will consider a transfer of the balance of cover to another qualifying vehicle during the policy term. The new car must fit the same risk profile as the original vehicle, so you could not go from a vehicle with 18-inch standard tyres to a car with 22-inch run-flat tyres. If you would have purchased a policy for 22 inch run flats in the first place, then the premium (and risk) would have been much higher anyway. 


Any request to transfer is subject to the insurers' approval. 


Do you cover vehicles bought privately or at auction?


No, we can only cover vehicles bought no more than 30 days ago (or not purchased yet) from a VAT registered motor dealer. We cannot cover vehicles purchased from an auction (whether physical or online) or a private source.

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