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Motor Excess Insurance from EasyGap - now the cheapest in the UK?



Motor Excess Insurance - New cheaper pricing from EasyGap


Are you looking for some cheap motor excess insurance protection? EasyGap has provided some of the best value in this field in the UK. However, in a new deal with our insurers, we can announce significant price drops for annual cover from March 2023.   cheapest motor excess insurance £250

Motor Excess Protection is a simple, annual insurance product designed to complement your comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Motor excess - what is it?

If you have to claim with your motor insurance, then you may have to contribute a set amount towards the claim. This is called your excess.

This excess can be a cumulative figure, made up of your compulsory excess (something the motor insurer sets as a minimum for your policy) and your voluntary excess. You usually set the level of voluntary excess. Taking a higher voluntary excess could reduce your annual comprehensive motor insurance premium.

From the motor insurer's point of view, the theory behind this is that the policyholder paying the first part of any claim reduces the amount the insurer is liable for.  cheap motor excess insurance £500

However, this leaves the policyholder paying the excess on any claim - this is where motor excess insurance comes in.

You can read more on motor excess insurance on our dedicated page.

Motor Excess Insurance - are EasyGap now the cheapest in the UK?                                   

EasyGap has traditionally provided five different levels of motor excess insurance protection. These are shown below with the annual premium costs for each shown alongside, inclusive of IPT:


£250 - £27.98         cheap motor excess insurance £750

£500 - £35.44

£750 - £44.21

£1000 - £51.91

£1500 - £74.87

Whilst we believe these premiums have provided value for money for our customers, we are confident that we have negotiated new premium rates with our insurer, Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd, to provide even better value for our customers. Plus we have one extra bonus too. The lowest banding for the cover has been set at £250. This has been increased to £300 with a significant reduction from the previous premium at £250 applied also.                                  

The new Motor Excess Insurance annual premiums are as follows, inclusive of IPT:


£300 - £14.99    cheapest motor excess protection cover £1000

£500 - £19.99

£750 - £29.99

£1000 - £39.99

£1500 - £49.99


Having benchmarked these premiums against other providers in the market, you will do very well to find cheaper if they are not the most affordable motor excess insurance costs in the UK. We couldn't!                                   

When everything is going up in price, it's always great to bring better value to our customers when possible.                                                                                  


best motor excess insurance £1500