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Motorhome GAP Insurance from EasyGAP

Thursday 13th February 2020 18:08:23

Motorhome GAP Insurance can be quite a difficult thing to find these days. Motorhomes are specialist items, that carry a hefty price tag too. For these reasons many providers simply shy away from offering any cover for motorhomes at all.


EasyGAP is different! can provide Motorhome GAP Insurance with the following Key Features:  


  • Motorhomes up to 5000kgs in GVW
  • Up to 10 years old at time of purchase
  • Up to 4 years cover
  • Claim limits available up to £20,000
  • Vehicle invoice value up to £50,000
  • Must be bought from a VAT registered motor dealer
  • Protected by the FSCS


How GAP Insurance for your motorhome works

The product that EasyGAP can provide for you works in a very simple way. It is designed to cover you, in the event that your motorhome is 'written off' by your motor insurer (so following a fire, theft, accident, flood etc) between the motor insurers settlement and the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle.


So if your vehicle cost you £40,000 originally, but is written off two years later now valued at £30,000 then the GAP Insurance can to up the £10,000 loss you have suffered. Getting the full £40,000 back gives you the opportunity to buy a replacement closer to the age that yours was when you first got it.



It really is that simple.



If you have bought your motorhome within the last 180 days then why not click to find out how much GAP Insurance for your motorhome will be?

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