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The best selling cars of 2020 in the UK (so far)

The best selling cars of 2020 in the UK (so far)


Despite a tough first half-year for the UK car market, the race is hotting up to see which car model will be the best seller for 2020. Here we give you a running total for the first six months of the year.


The UK new car market, like many areas of the economy, has taken a real blow following the Covid-19 outbreak. The subsequent lockdown occurred during a new car registration month. This is normally the busiest time of year for motor dealers. 


The welcome news that showrooms could re-open again on 1st June has seen a glut of delayed vehicles finally being delivered. 


So with the first half of the year now complete, here we provide you with the Top 10 Best Selling Cars in the UK for 2020 for far. Top 10 best selling cars in the UK 2020


1. Ford Fiesta - 21,098


It probably comes as no surprise to see the Ford Fiesta in the number 1 spot. To show how firmly the Fiesta has been entrenched in the top spot, you have to go back to over a decade to find another model top of the tree. 2009 saw the Fiesta overtake the Ford Focus as the UK's best selling vehicle. It has stayed there, comfortably, ever since. 


The figure of just over 21,000 registrations is despite the fact that only 55 were registered in April and only 760 in May. Perhaps surprisingly when the showrooms did reopen in June the Fiesta only came in second. To find out who was first you will have to read on below. 


2. Ford Focus - 18,145


A decent June registration figure of 3,551 saw the Focus leapfrog the VW Golf into second place. However, with a new Golf incarnation due later this year the Focus may face a real fight to stay there. 


3. Volkswagen Golf - 17,889


The VW Golf struggled more than most in the lockdown and post-lockdown period. That said, the third spot now leaves the 2019 second best selling model in a good position to improve. The Mark 8 Golf due later this year may prove enough to push out the Focus for the second spot again. 


4. Vauxhall Corsa - 17,646


One model that has done very well post lockdown is the Vauxhall Corsa. So much so that the Corsa was the best selling model for June with 4,528 units sold in the month. With the new electric e-Corsa helping boost sales, perhaps the Golf and Focus will have some competition for the second spot. 


5. Nissan Qashqai - 14,806


The first SUV appears at number five in the list. Again it will be no surprise that we find the Qashqai top of its class. A strong start to 2020 the Qashqai suffered in a similar fashion, to most in the lockdown. 


However, a strong bounceback in June saw the Qashqai register 2,821 units for the first month back. 


6. Mercedes-Benz A-class - 13,726


The first entry from a 'prestige' manufacturer sees the Mercedes A-Class sitting in sixth place. This is actually one place lower than in 2019. The strong start to 2020 was, in part, due to strong finance offerings from the manufacturer. A repeat of these now could see the A-Class recover lost ground. 


7. MINI Cooper - 12,240


Again a story of a strong start to 2020 but more of the 'lockdown' blues for the MINI. After registering less than 50 units in April, it dropped out of the Top 10 completely for May. 


A strong return in June saw the Mini in fifth place overall for the month, adding 3400 unit sales. The addition of an electric Mini to the fold should see sales figures bolstered still further. 


8. Toyota Yaris - 10,134


The all-new Yaris has made the best of 2020 so far. The new model has bounced back into the Top 10 best selling models, and it was the third best selling model in June 2020 with 4,200 units sold. 


The smart looking new model seems to have been well received by the UK car-buying public. 


9. Kia Sportage - 10,122


The second SUV to appear on the list had a good start to 2020. However, despite a poor post lockdown, it remains in the Top 10.  


10. Volkswagen Polo - 10,114


The sixth-generation Polo suffered more than many in lockdown. Only 7 units were registered in April and it remained outside the Top 10 for May. A stronger June helped it maintain it's position in tenth place. 



With new models due and an uncertain buying appetite of the UK car-buying public to contend with we may see some changes in this list. One thing is for sure, the motor dealers will hope the second half of 2020 is better than the first.